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Welcome to this website, born from the wish to "exhibit" works of graphic art, litographs from well known authors, true Masters of the XX century, as they appeared in a mythical publication called DERRIERE LE MIROIR, created by Aimé Maeght in the period 1936-1970. 250 issues in all, with artists like Picasso, Braque, Chagall, Matisse, Miro, Matisse, and then again Calder, Chillida, Palazuelo, Tapiès, Giacometti...

all produced in the Mourlot Atelier with their original  litographs but -most important - with their direct involvement, so mixed with articles or poetry, directly chosen and specifically meaningful for the artist. This website is still "work in progress" so we would really welcome your advice and suggestions. A new section will be added later on "Books" both "of" artworks and "about" artwork of graphic art. My passion for graphics, even if generally considered less important, comes from a feeling that - in many artists' life - this is the most creative phase of his development: for example, in Leonardo's drawings you see the seeds of his later frescos.  In Picasso graphic work,  his research and creativity which will literally "explode" on canvas... so, a world worth exploring carefully in ordre to understand them better.

All in all, this is a commercial site, where you will be able to find prints, lithographs, engravings, drawings, posters or illustrated books, but also, in future, multiples and sculptures. With condensed biographies of all artists  exhibited, because so much is already easily available today on the web.

In the webpage where you find artwork, you will notice a library of images at the bottom: click on one and you'll be able to navigate to NEXT or PREVIOUS image


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Jean Paul Sartre  NOURRITURES                                                                                  Drypoints by WOLS  1949



As soon as possible (DLM numbers to load are MANY) I will upload also a limited number of antique Books (on the subject of Natural History) with fascinating graphic artwork: I always looked for them and collected them BEFORE somebody else (with the intention of destroying them, cutting them to pieces and selling the individual plates on Antique Markets) found them .

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DERRIERE LE MIROIR, created by editor Aimé Maeght in the period 1936-1970 in Atelier Mourlot


This section contains art books, with specific reference to graphic art