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Looking at this picture, with my mother Carla Panicali, my brother Corrado Rava and myself, in front of a sculpture by Giò Pomodoro in our garden in Rome, I start to think about life as it was, as it could have been, as it is.

I always looked with admiration at the passion and ability she had in dedicating her entire life to art. If interested, you should read about her life (click here).

The one person I miss more in this picture - because he would really have fun in seeing what I'm doing - is the one you're not seeing, the photographer. Carlo Battaglia. But it is as if he was here.  


In 2009, when I'm writing this, I see that many artists have moved away from media such as lithographs, drypoint, etc, and prefer instead to use photoraphy or digital video, for various reasons. As a consequence, the number of specialized Graphic Art Galleries is also decreasing rapidly. 

This is a real pity because the quality level is, often, following the same trend. Now, with this virtual Graphic Art  gallery I would like to add my contribution to promote and protect that original quality for the benefit of specialized collectors that still - luckily - exist.




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Jean Paul Sartre  NOURRITURES                                                                                  Drypoints by WOLS  1949



Welcome to this website, born from the wish to "exhibit" works of graphic art, litographs from well known authors, true Masters of the XX century, as they appeared in a mythical publication called DERRIERE LE MIROIR, created by Aimé Maeght in the period 1936-1970. 250 issues in all, with artists like Picasso, Braque, Chagall, Matisse, Miro, Matisse, and then again Calder, Chillida, Palazuelo, Tapiès, Giacometti...

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DERRIERE LE MIROIR, created by editor Aimé Maeght in the period 1936-1970 in Atelier Mourlot


This section contains art books, with specific reference to graphic art