Carla Panicali has succeeded,  during a whole life devoted to art, in successfully managing more than four contemporary art galleries: IL SEGNO, the MARLBOROUGH Fine Art LtdL'ISOLA in Rome, PANICALI Fine Art and Art FOR ARCHITECTURE in NY.

  Her father,  Carlo Panicali of Montalto,  was an engineer  and  in 1945 she arrived in Turin as the  eighteen year-old bride of Silvio Rava, and there her two sons Corrado and Alberto were born.

In Turin she mixed with the upper class society but her fascination for the art world inspired her to befriend artists like Spazzapan and Moreni;  there she learnt that selling artworks could be a way to her own liberty.  In 1956 she separated from her husband and left Turin.

She started  working in Rome: with Vivi Caruso they opened  the "HOME" design center, in collaboration with architects and designers like Albini, Gardella, Sarfatti in Milan, and Campo e Graffi  in Rome, earning their friendship.

When in 1957 she opened the first Italian graphic art gallery "IL SEGNO", with Bruno Herlitzka as a partner, she exclusively  represented Picasso, Mirò and Chagall  in Italy, and the gallery held beautiful international exhibitions such as Mirò, Album "13" Dubuffet, Mirò's  "Costellaction" and Chagall 1911-1914, in a period when in Italy even books about these Masters  of the XX century were not easily available.

In 1962 she opened  the MARLBOROUGH Gallery in Rome  with Frank Loyd (of the Marlborough Gallery in London) and Bruno Herlitzka, then  worked for twenty years in association with the Marlborough Gallery's international circuit with NY, Zurich and others, representing the best Italian and foreign artists like: Burri , Fontana , Colla ,D'Orazio , the two Pomodoro brothers , Picasso , Moore , Schwitters , Rothko , Motherwell , and many other Great Masters and  Contemporary Masters  like David Smith .

In 1980, because of the law suit, lost in  NY by Frank Loyd against the artist Mark Rothko, who was a personal friend of Carla Panicali, the collaboration with Marlborough ended and the Rome gallery closed.

Shortly after, in the same location, she reopened the gallery as  L'ISOLA  with a Burri exhibition including a great sculpture as large as the whole gallery, then followed with exhibitions of many young Italian artists like Accardi, Pistoletto, Boetti etc , and foreign artists like David Klamen, discovered in Chicago who, in his first two shows, sold out.

The ISOLA gallery's activity continued in Rome up to the year 2000, when Corrado Rava transferred it to Trento while Carla reopened in NY, with  PANICALI Fine Art and then ART FOR ARCHITECTURE, totally dedicated  to sculpture.

Her second marriage was  in 1972 in Nassau, the Bahamas, to the painter Carlo Battaglia with whom she had already been living  since 1962, first on the Cassia Antica in Rome then in Piazza Capranica and then in Palazzo Cenci , in Piazza delle Cinque Scole. Their house was published in almost all the interior design and architecture magazines  as an example of good taste and refinement

Guests in their Roman house have been artists, poets, writers: friends, but all passionate about art.

Carlo Battaglia was an extremely cultured, well read and intellectual man:  he has perhaps, without trying to influence her choices, been capable of teaching her how to look at pictures and sculptures from the artist's point of view, and not from that of an art dealer: in short, to recognize its quality, without being too influenced by the name or the price; in this Carla Panicali has always been and she still remains today  such an anomalous art dealer.




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